Wallace and gromit the curse of the wererabbit is a 2005 stop motion animated comedy film about Wallace and gromit who have a new business called anti pesto who capture cute rabbits but they are running out of space to keep the rabbits so wallace creates a invention called the mind o matic but he accidently hits the switch and the machine swiths to suck mode and one of the rabbits gets stuck to Wallace's head and wallce starts hopping around like a rabbit and after many mystery they discover a mutant rabbit called the wererabbit and wallace and gromit try to catch him. WARNING SPOLIERS AHEAD. After many nights of trying to catch the wererabbit gromit discovers that wallace is in fact the wererabbit cause when the rabbit go stuck to wallace head they switched brainwaves and the rabbit started acting like wallace and wallace starting eating vegetables but that came with a curse that we never wallace can see the full moon he transforms into the wererabbit so gromit tries to protect wallace while th villain Victor quarantine who witnessed Wallace's transformation tries to kill him they run to a vegetable contest where Victor qurraintine argues with Wallace's love interest lady tonttingham wallace in wererabbit form saves her and bounds away up a tall building and after that lady tonttingham discovers that wallace was the wererabbit all along after Victor qurraintine tries to kill him, gromit saves wallace but gromit in a toy plane gets shot down and wallace sacrifices himself to save gromit.Wallace seemingly dead, morphs back into human form but gromit gives him the scent of chesse and he comes back to life. After wallace and gromit and lady tonttingham reconcile and with Victor finally defeated, lady tonttingham officially turns Tottenham hall into a rabbi haven where all the rabbits can live in peace. Soon after the film was released a video game was released for ps2 and the orignial Xbox it takes some liberty's from the film such as not showing wallace transform because of technical limitations. The film was critically acclaimed for its technology like the fur on the wererabbit and the storyline.The biggest achviement this film could get was that it won a academy award for best animated film winning against monsters Inc and jimmiy netroun boy genius so you  say our fluffy little rabbit got lots of money. If you want to watch this hare raising adventure you can watch it on Netflix 

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