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Season 1 title card

Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention: Season 1 was commissioned by Jay Hunt, controller of BBC One, and Jo Ball.

Exec. Producers:

  • Nick Park
  • Peter Lord


  • Merlin Crossingham


  • Peter Sallis - Wallace
  • Ashley Jensen - Narrator (filmed inserts)
  • John Sparkes - Archivist Goronwy
  • Jem Stansfield - Science Correspondent ("It Never Got Off The Drawing Board" segment)

Theme Music:

  • Julian Nott

Special Segments:

Inventor of the Week

  • Wallace looks at certain particular inventors each week like Trevor Baylis.

It Never Got Off The Drawing Board

  • Jem Stansfield looks at invention ideas or prototype inventions that "never got off the drawing board", such as a fridge made by Einstein.

Curiosity Corner

  • Wallace looks at some unusual things, such as how termites inspired buildings like Portcullis House.

Contraption Countdown

Goronwy, an unseen Welsh-accented archive librarian looks at a countdown of inventions regarding the particular episode (sometimes those that weren't sensible)

# Image Title Airdate
01 W&G WOI Logo Nature Knows Best November 3, 2010
Wallace and Gromit explore the wonders of the natural world, and look at inventions inspired by Mother Nature... Read more >
02 W&G WOI Logo Reach for the Sky November 10, 2010
Wallace and Gromit explore the mysteries behind man's fascination with flight, from homemade space rockets in Manchester to jetpacks in the UK... Read more >
03 W&G WOI Logo Home Sweet Home November 17, 2010
Wallace and Gromit look at ingenious inventions for the home. From 1940s household robots and strange humanoid butlers to cutting-edge labour saving devices, we travel around the world to explore the social history of domestic life through inventions... Read more >
04 W&G WOI Logo Come to Your Senses November 24, 2010
Wallace and Gromit experience the world through the five senses, exploring the fact and fiction behind invisibility cloaks, bomb-detecting bees and the top sensory inventions... Read more >
05 W&G WOI Logo Better Safe Than Sorry December 1, 2010
Wallace and Gromit have always taken their safety into their own hands, and in this episode of the science series they consider other inventors with the same philosophy... Read more >
06 W&G WOI Logo From A to B December 8, 2010
Wallace and Gromit explore incredible transportation inventions from around the globe... Read more >

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