Wallace & Gromit Fun Pack 2
Fun Pack two
Platform Windows 95
Windows 98
Published by BBC Multimedia

Wallace & Gromit Fun Pack 2 CD-ROM, a follow-up to the Wallace & Gromit Fun Pack, included many desktop adventures for Wallace and Gromit fans.

The "Customise-o-matic" allowed uses to give their desktops a unique Wallace and Gromit look and feel by selecting from a host of wallpapers, sounds, icons and animated cursors. The CD-ROM also included new Wallace and Gromit screensavers and the "Gadget-o-matic", a themed clock, calendar, CD player and calculator desktop tool.

The collection held a Video Browser with clips from the original Wallace and Gromit films.

The Fun Pack also featured three desktop games - "Wallace's Cheeseboard Game", "The Great Train Game" and "Feathers and the Diamond"

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