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Lord Victor Quartermaine
Victor Quartermaine
Voice Ralph Fiennes
Appeared in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Victor Quartermaine, 3rd Baron Quartermaine or Lord Victor Quartermaine is a hunter with a dog named Philip. He is the main antagonist of The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. He is the main enemy of Lady Campanula Tottington, 7th Lady of Scotland and Tottington, intending to marry her for her money. Lord Quartermaine prefers to use traditional methods to rid the pests, rather than Anti-Pesto's humane control business. His hunting rifle is a high caliber bolt-action rifle with a sniper scope on it. His hair is in fact a wig, a fact that is revealed when an invention of Wallace's—the BunVac 6000—accidentally causes it to pop off of his head. Gromit dresses Victor up as the monster (a costume he used earlier as a lure for the Were-Rabbit), and throws him out of the tent. The angry mob chase Victor away. Victor's fate is unknown but one thing is for certain, he has never been seen or heard from since.


  • Through out the film, Victor's cravat changes serveral times, but no other clothing item he wears does this.
  • The name Quatermaine could have derived from Alan Quatermaine.
  • This is his actor's second voice role the first being Rameses
  • Victor wears a toupee, which he loses twice (once in the BV6000 and once because it gets broken by the Were-Rabbit.
  • He is the only person in the film to call Lady Tottington by her first name, Campanula


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