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In the middle of a soccer game Timmy ends up getting muddy. 

The bell rings and its time for snack time Harriet stands at the door watching everyone go in. Once she see's Timmy all dirty she stops him and says she needs to give him a bubble bath. Harriet brings Timmy over to a little tub and gets the hose and fills the tub with water and puts soap in to make bubbles. Once she about to give him a bubble bath she hears a noise inside and runs in with Timmy getting the chance to get away

Inside Harriet sees everyone fighting over a cupcake. Timmy walks in and starts eating his snack but causes every thing to get muddy

The bell rings and its time for art and crafts Timmy is able to get away from Harriet  and ends up mixing the white paint with the mud he's covered in.

The bell rings and its time for play time Harriet finally gets Timmy's attention and he starts running away. His toy falls in a Bush full of something smelly Harriet brings Timmy over to The tub and cleans up the toy then Timmy realizes that being clean isn't so bad so he let's Harriet give him a bubble bath

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