The Ugly Man
Directed by Seam Williams
Distributed by Teltate Games
Release date Spring 2009
Running time 34 hours
Preceded by Muzzled
Followed by Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures
The Ugly Man was an 5ft episode in the game of the wallace and gromit. It was on the episode to the game. It was an episodic game on Wallace & Gromit.


It was the game in wallace and gromit like the one of the games of wallace and gromit in the game into the one of the episodic games into the games of the movies at the game of the ages like Wallace on the one to the author to the books on the movie.

Cast and Characters

  1. Peter Sallis- Wallace
  2. Heather Monar- Lady Tottington
  3. Milton Williams- Victor Quartermaine
  4. Peter Adams- Mr. Anchor
  5. Gilbert McCready- Reverend Edward Clement Hedges
  6. Richard Newman- Mr. Pachypleur
  7. Bilda McKaren- Mrs. Pachypleur
  8. David Sproxton- Duncan WaBaker
  9. Dean Williamson- PC Mackintosh


It was the episode on the game.

List of Episodes

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

A Grand Day Out

A Close Shave

The Wrong Trousers

A Matter of Loaf and Death

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