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Renault is a French vehicle manufacturer producing cars, vans, buses, tractors, and trucks. In 2003, Aardman produced a cinematic commercial for the Renauly Kangoo staring Wallace and Gromit. The ad played in front of several summer blockbusters in top British cinemas. The commercial, entitled "The Kangoo-matic", was Wallace and Gromit’s first ever advertisement.

The ad starts with Wallace and Gromit doing MOT-style checks on different parts of the car. Gromit is seen polishing the headlamps, only to be blinded as Wallace switches them on. Then, with a sudden gust of wind, Gromit is catapulted over the top of the Kangoo as it appears to be speeding down the road with Wallace at the wheel. Gromit slides over the vehicle and flys back eventually landing at the foot of the control box of a typical Wallace-designed machine.

Gromit pulls a lever, the strong breeze stops and the camera pulls back to reveal that everything was taking place inside the basement of 62 West Wallaby Street in an elaborate simulator. The car passes its inspection and rises up from under the driveway to drive away.

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Wallace and Gromit Kangoo-matic

Renault Ad

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