Prestons Dog Food

pset and orders Preston to stop the sheep thefts. Instead, he locks her up with the intention of turning her (and the other sheep) into dog meat.Wallace , with the help of a flock of sheep (including a small shy one named Shaun, who accidentally got sheared by Wallace's machine, his Knit-O-Matic , while he and Gromit were bathing him), help Gromit break out of jail and they set off to rescue Wendolene and the sheep. In the end, Gromit and Shaun knock Preston into the dog food processor, which breaks him up into little pieces which are then packaged into cans. At the end of the film, Wendolene reveals that Preston was rebuilt with completely normal dog behavior Preston's invention is a more evil,brutal violent version of the Knit-O-Matic but instead of shearing sheep it instead rips them into piecies and served into dog food.

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