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Appeared in A Close Shave
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Preston is a non-speaking character in Wallace and Gromit and the main antagonist of A Close Shave. He is actually a robotic cyber-dog who is a fearsome looking one. He appears in A Close Shave as a deuteragonist. He was left to Wendolene by her father (Mr. Ramsbottom ). He forced her into starting an illegal sheep rustling scam for wool for her shop during the wool shortage but soon after pilfering Wallace's blueprints for the Wash-o-matic and adapting them for his own ends, he turned to making his own dog food. Unfortunately for him, his plans failed as Shaun swung in and knocked him flying into the Mutton-o-matic dog food making machine. He was then reassembled on a trolley and behaves like a normal dog.

Appearance in "The Curse of the Ramsbottoms"

In "The Curse of the Ramsbottom" comic strip from the book Wallace and Gromit and the Lost Slipper, he is now a cyber-butler under the employ of Wendolene and her evil fiance, the cheese magnate Rhett Leicester with his army of gnomes.


  • Preston is named after the lancashire town of Preston, which Nick Park comes from.
  • Preston might be a parody of The Terminator due to being covered in fake skin and is an robot. Also both Preston's and first Terminator's fates were similar: Preston was crushed by machine and terminator was crushed by hydraulic press.

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