Pip Windfall
Voice Thomas Barker
Appeared in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Pip Windfall is the nephew of Mr. Windfall and Mrs. Windfall. He appears throughout The Curse of the Were-Rabbit film with his father, though he doesn't speak. His first appearance is in the church after the Were-Rabbit goes on a rampage, sitting in the row in front of Wallace and Gromit and at one point sticking his tongue out at them, though he is very happy when they are given another chance at stopping the creature. His next appearance is with the angry mob as they confront Lady Tottington at Tottington Hall, where he pops up suddenly after Victor Quartermaine shoots down several targets. He and his father both show up on the terrace where they suddenly hear a gunshot and assume that the beast is dead. Pip initially bows his head in sadness, but then immediately starts celebrating with everyone else. When it turns out the beast isn't actually dead yet, everyone freezes in shock before it completely sinks in and Pip leaps up with a very girlish scream before he and everyone else pelt for the stands. When the beast abducts Lady Tottington, Pip runs for his life as it comes storming through the fair and quickly joins up with the angry mob to chase it. His last appearance is when the Were-Rabbit is cornered at the edge of the roof and knocks a pot over the edge, Pip can be seen amongst the crowd.

His role in the game is larger, though oddly enough his father doesn't appear. Pip is found in the town centre and most of his tasks are football related. In the game manual, he is identified as the nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Windfall and is best friends with Rex Leaching.

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