Mrs. Windfall
Tumblr or5esxMgwU1tr6wqbo1 1280
Voice Sue Kelly
Appeared in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Wallace & Gromit Curse Of The Were-Rabbit Video Game

Mrs. Windfall appears throughout The Curse of the Were-Rabbit as well as its corresponding game. She is married to Mr. Windfall and has a nephew called Pip. Her appearances are mostly silent and in the background, except for one where her husband presents her half-eaten brassicas and she is seen sobbing while wearing a black veil. She has a much larger role in the game, where she asks the player to protect her vegetables and gives them a card in exchange. She and her husband also appear in a cutscene where Wallace and Gromit drive past them with the lady were-rabbit on the roof of their van and she faints upon seeing it.

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