The motorbike and sidecar is a vehicle that used by Wallace and Gromit in the short film, A Close Shave.

A Close Shave

The motorbike and sidecar was used to transport Wallace and Gromit to their mission of window-cleaning business. The sidecar has hooks to carry a ladder.

During the sheep rescue. Preston rams their motorbike with his truck, causing the motorbike and sidecar to seperate. Gromit flies off a 2,000-foot (610 m) drop ledge, but then he activates the sidecar, converting it into plane mode and flies of safely.

Meanwhile, Wallace attempt to free Wendolene and the sheep from Preston's truck, but ends up trapped there himself.

During the scene where Preston is about to suck Wendolene and the Sheep into the Knit-o-Matic, taking Wallace with them, Gromit came to the rescue in his plane. He fired at Preston with the porridge gun.

A Matter of Loaf and Death

The motorbike and sidecar can be seen in the background in Top Bun, where it was half covered by a tarpaulin.


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