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Major Crum is a character in the Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures games by telltale. He is an old, plump, grey-haired, nearly-bald, mustachioed former army Major who is somewhat dim-witted. He first appears physically in chapter 2 of Fright of the Bumblebees, walking past Wallace as he is talking. He tells Wallace, when talked to, of an impending enemy air raid. He thinks so because of a snail he's found, which he thinks is aware of an air raid due to the fact that it is retreating into it's shell in the middle of the day, which is actually normal for a snail. Wallace is able to obtain the snail, which Crum tells him to show to others. The player must show the snail to Miss Flitt, which she will scream at, causing the Major to mistake the screams for air raid sirens and run into Wallace's house.

Afterwards, he can be found in the basement of the house, here with a suitcase full of grotein bars. If clicked on, Wallace will obtain an untasty but much-needed grotein bar. However, if he attempts to leave with it, Crum will come after him and, thinking there is a battle, take the bar and stuff it into Wallace's mouth for Grotein. Wallace must give him the bee hive's lid and Gromit's old dog tags, to make him want to go out into battle, and then volunteer Gromit to guard the bars, so an excited Crum can charge into battle, while Wallace can finally obtain one of he bars from Gromit by talking to him.

During the bee attack later on, Crum first warns Wallace and Gromit of the attack and commandeers their dining room while use the porridge gun as a weapon. Gromit can then enter a shooting gallery to help Crum trap the bees, after which the Major will fall asleep.

In The Last Resort, Major Crum is first seen in the town center, thinking the rain will cause a flood and wanting to dump sandbags from on his truck in the town square to stack. Constable Dibbins stops him from doing so, and argues with Crum. Wallace will be tasked with settling it when he talks to them, ( he wants the sandbags for his in house beach)however they will deny permission if the other one agrees. Wallace must convince them to work together by commenting on the pie sign in the background. Afterwards, after the Constable leaves, the Major will request an order form, thinking that there are spies everywhere. Wallace must use the order form from his house for cheese to convince Crum to dump it at his house.

In Muzzled, Major Crum is first seen at the bus stop eating biscuits. When talked to, he tells Gromit that he signed up for Monty Muzzle's pie eating contest.

In The Bogey Man, Major Crum comes to Wallace's house for a favor. He is later seen as a member of the Prickly Thicket Country Club.

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