Jasminder Caliche is a character in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. She is the daughter of Mr. Caliche and occasionally helps out in his shop.

Film biography

Jasminder is not actually identified as Mr. Caliche's daughter in the film and makes a number of silent background appearances. She first appears in the church with Rex Leaching, where she is among those who gasp and cower when Victor Quartermaine points his gun at them. When the Were-Rabbit attacks the competition, she takes a headlong dive over the table as it comes towards her and joins the angry mob in chasing it as well as running for cover when Philip's plane comes crashing down.

Game biography

Jasminder has a much larger role in the game and is formally identified as Mr. Caliche's daughter, as well as a massive football fan. Like most other characters, she hands out tasks to be completed. her tasks involve rounding up escaped pests in the factory farm or scoring goals at an arcade game, but one task necessitates protecting her from various were-creatures.

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