Home Sweet Home
Season 1, Episode 3
W&G WOI Logo
Air date November 17, 2010
Produced by Nick Park
Peter Lord
Directed by Merlin Crossingham
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Reach for the Sky
Come to Your Senses

Home Sweet Home is the third episode in season 1 of the BBC One series Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention.


Wallace and Gromit look at ingenious inventions for the home. From 1940s household robots and strange humanoid butlers to cutting-edge labor saving devices, we travel around the world to explore the social history of domestic life through inventions. We visit the home of iconic inventor Trevor Baylis - the man who revolutionised the radio - and visit 'George', one of the first walking humanoid robots ever built, as he is brought to life for the first time in sixty years by his creator, Tony Sale. During this episode Wallace had invented the L.A.D. (Labor Assisting Device)( Bot) (which bears some resemblance to the Cooker from A Grand Day Out) replacing Gromit. At the end Gromit has had enough of the L.A.D.; he spills tea inside the bot when Wallace was not looking. Then the Bot was out of control and starts to throw things at Wallace, Gromit knew that Wallace has learnt his lesson. No "Curiosity Corner" segment here, though Gromit was seen relaxing in it at the end of the episode.


  • 1. Housekeeping robots and George
  • 2. Kamkwamba's windmill
  • 3. Teasmade
  • 4. It Never Got Off The Drawing Board: Einstein fridge
  • 5. Inventor of the Week: Trevor Baylis
  • 6. Contraption Countdown: Top 5 useful household gadgets

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