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Feathers McGraw
Appeared in The Wrong Trousers
A Close Shave (mentioned only)
Cracking Contraptions
Project Zoo
The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (cameo)

Feathers McGraw is a silent, yet sinister, penguin that first appeared in the film The Wrong Trousers as the main antagonist. He is a notorious criminal mastermind and bird of many faces - long thought to be a chicken, McGraw was actually exposed as a penguin, when his plan to rob a museum of precious diamonds was foiled by Wallace and Gromit.

He disguises himself as a chicken by wearing a red rubber glove on his head. This is apparently enough to fool Wallace, and possibly Gromit, as well as the local law enforcement (at one point in the film, Gromit spots a wanted poster for Feathers McGraw entitled, "Have You Seen This Chicken?").

Similarly to Gromit, McGraw doesn't express himself with spoken words, but his facial expressions and body language speak volumes. His name is revealed at the end in a newspaper headline that says "Feathers McGraw back inside".

He makes a cameo appearance in Curse of the Were-Rabbit, after Victor says "eat carrot, bunny boy!" Gromit flies in a toy plane. Next to Gromit is an urn with McGraw randomly sitting on.

According to Nick Park, Feathers made a very brief appearance in A Close Shave, but he didn't say when. A figure like Feathers is seen just before Gromit plunges of the 2,000 foot cliff in the side car. But if it is really him is unknown. At some other point in the episode, while Gromit is reading a book, the spine indicates that it is a "Penguin Classic" and a picture of Feathers can be seen on the spine.

Feathers also appears in Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo as the chief villain in which the imprisioned penguin attempts to takes over the zoo in order to create a diamond mine. Feathers captures baby animals in order to force their parents to do his bidding. He uses remote controls to control many of his inventions - including his boiler, helicopter, toy penguins, and mining machine. In the final level, Feathers uses an invention called the exoskeleton which fire missiles and wields buzzsaws. In the game's conclusion, Feathers is defeated yet he still tries to make one last escape; however when he exits from his hideout to leave the zoo, the other zoo animals catch him and take him back to his cell.

Other references

  • When Gromit is wrongfully imprisoned in A Close Shave, the graffiti on the cell wall reads "Feathers was here".
  • The penguin's lifestyle of crime is referenced in the television program, "When Penguins Turn" shown in the Cracking Contraptions short episode, "The Tellyscope".
  • Feathers McGraw appeared in several episodes of the acclaimed show ReBoot. However he was never refered to in the show.
  • A rock that strongly resembles Feathers can be seen in A Close Shave when Gromit is plummeting of a cliff in the sidecar.
  • He is seen many times in the photos used in the Christmas Fan-Pack that can be downloaded from the main website.
  • Two of his kind make a brief appearance in A Matter of Loaf and Death. His face is seen on a wanted poster hanging outside the zoo, indicating he's escaped again.
  • The name of Feathers McGraw was possibly a reference to Quick Draw McGraw.


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