Come to Your Senses
Season 1, Episode 4
W&G WOI Logo
Air date November 24, 2010
Produced by Nick Park
Peter Lord
Directed by Merlin Crossingham
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Home Sweet Home
Better Safe Than Sorry

Come to Your Senses is the fourth episode in season 1 of the BBC One series Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention.


Wallace and Gromit experience the world through the five senses, exploring the fact and fiction behind invisibility cloaks, bomb-detecting bees and the top sensory inventions. In London, scientists are creating prototype invisibility cloaks using metamaterials to bend light around objects, and we discover the science behind new technology allowing the blind to 'see' through taste using hi-tech sunglasses. In Kentucky, USA we visit the small town where a local farmer invented wireless telephones over 100 years ago. Finally, in Tasmania, we meet our Inventor of the Week who, after being told it was impossible, invented and made his own unique prosthetic arm.


  • 1. Sight - Invisibility cloak
  • 2. Contraption Countdown: Top 5 sense-inspired inventions
  • 3. Sound - It Never Got Off the Drawing Board: Stubblefield mobile telephone system
  • 4. Touch - Inventor of the Week: Mark Lesek
  • 5. Smell - Curiosity Corner: Bee bomb detection
  • 6. Taste - Blind taste sight

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