Better Safe Than Sorry
Season 1, Episode 5
W&G WOI Logo
Air date December 1, 2010
Produced by Nick Park
Peter Lord
Directed by Merlin Crossingham
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Come to Your Senses
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Better Safe Than Sorry is the fifth episode in season 1 of the BBC One series Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention.


Wallace and Gromit have always taken their safety into their own hands, and in this episode of the science series they consider other inventors with the same philosophy. They tell the tale of 1940s Hollywood starlet Hedy Lamarr, who had a side-line in inventing, and who devised a radio-controlled 'secret-communication' system for steering torpedoes to help allied forces in the war. They also look at the most futuristic surveillance drones and the history of spy technology. Gromit really goes through the wars in this episode (he keeps suffering from accidents instigated by Wallace throughout).


  • 1. Ejector seats
  • 2. Spy pigeons
  • 3. It Never Got Off The Drawing Board: Hedy Lamarr's frequency hopping torpedo system
  • 4. Curiosity Corner: Arthur Pedrick
  • 5. EMU Spacesuit
  • 6. Contraption Countdown: Top 6 health-and-safety nightmares

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