Baker Bob
Baker Bob
Voice Ben Whitehead
Appeared in A Matter of Loaf and Death, A Close Shave (Cameo, Possibly), Wallace & Gromit In Project Zoo Video Game (Cameo, Possibly)

Baker Bob was the 12th and last baker killed by Piella Bakewell, the serial killer in A Matter of Loaf and Death. His death appeared in the local newspaper and was the 12th murder killed by the killer. He is named after writer Bob Baker. It is unknown whether the character referenced in A Close Shave is the same baker. In the video game Wallace & Gromit In Project Zoo, his name appears on a wooden crate that you use to push the cage to the ground & free the animals. The words on the crate read: Bob's Buns. Again, it may not be the same baker.

A Matter of Loaf and Death

Baker Bob lying dead in A Matter of Loaf and Death