Cracking Contraptions

"525 Crackervac"
Release date 2002
Running time 2 minutes
Previous episode "The Bully Proof Vest"
Next episode "The Turbo Diner"

525 Crackervac is a short film in the Cracking Contraptions series. The film features the invention of the 525 Crackervac.


To speed up Gromit's chores of sweeping up, Wallace activates the 525 Crackervac, a vacuum cleaner with sharp metal teeth and which sucks up things really fast. However it goes after Wallace's crackers after vaccuming one on the floor, but Wallace pulls the box out of it's mouth. Wallace tries to stop the 525 Crackervac from getting another cracker. Then throws the box to Gromit who then has a cowboy like showdown with the vacuum. While getting distracted by a cracker Gromit threw in the air, Gromit lassos the machine, which flings him on it's back while sending it out of control. Gromit ties a knot on it's neck and then after a few seconds it's bag bursts, causing Wallace (and the area where they are) to be covered in dust, and makes Wallace tell Gromit to get the dust pan and brush he was using in the beginning.


  • The vacuum cleaner malfunctions (as usual) and Gromit challenges the device like in a duel. The scenery changes to orange like in a sunset and Gromit stands with his back towards the window. On the window sill you can see a cactus. Wallace is in the room near the door. The vacuum cleaner explodes and covers Wallace in ashes/dust. Wallace suddenly has the cactus on his head (also covered in ashes) and judging by the fact that there is a clean area behind Wallace on the wallpaper in the shape of Wallace with a cactus on his head he must have had the cactus on his head before the explosion, but we know he hadn't as the cactus was standing behind Gromit and Gromit stays clean after the explosion, so the cactus couldn't have moved. How did the cactus end up on Wallace's head?


Crackervac- Wallace And Gromit01:58

Crackervac- Wallace And Gromit

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